Welcome to The Magic Mat and its little secret...

A magical tool for developing happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children. Fun physical stretching and relaxation techniques for 5 to 12 year olds. The book and animation set + optional mat.

A little look at some of the magic

Owls are wise

Squat and bring your wings behind you. Open your eyes wide and look all around from left to right with great wisdom. Tweet an owly woo, woo.

Cobras are flexible

Lie on your tummy and place your palms down next to your ribs. Arch and lift your chest, feeling your flexibility. Lift up like a cobra.

Ducks let go of bad thoughts

Kneel and simply let go by flapping your wings, getting rid of bad thoughts and forgiving like a duck.

Elephants remember who they really are

Walk around the room swinging your trunk. Stretch it high up into the air and let out a big elephant trumpet sound, letting everyone know who you are.

Cranes are patient

Stand on one leg, placing your foot either below or above your knee. If you are steady you can raise your wings to the side or above your head. Breathe slowly, deeply and patiently.

Giraffes stand up for themselves and their loved ones

Stand up tall on your tiptoes, raise your arms high in the air and walk around. Kick straight long legs out in front of you, one at a time, feeling what it’s like to stand up for yourself.
Hop on board the Magic Mat and cover yourself completely with magic.

Discover your higher self; learn to feel love, compassion and gratitude.

Its time to share in an incredible secret and to find ultimate happiness for the rest of your life.

Learn confidence from a growling leopard,

Dive head first into creativity by flying to freedom with a butterfly and you too can be as happy as a jumping monkey.

Why use The Magic Mat

The benefits of using The Magic Mat on an ongoing basis and what it teaches us:

Taking care of ourselves and the planet
How to quiet our minds
Patience and self control
Balance and coordination
Compassion and awareness of others
How to breathe better

About the Author – Carmen Clews

Carmen, the author, learnt how to use good magic in her life and practises daily on her own mat in a Magical Barefoot Palace deep in the forest of South Africa

Along with five dogs, two donkeys, a horse called Gorgeous Girl, an abundance of chickens, a few ducks and some fish that love tickles, there is plenty of magic going on at the Barefoot Palace where all the power runs off the sun’s magical rays, amazing, delicious juicy fruit and nutritious vegetables grow in abundance and love is all around!

Carmen loves spending her time making magic by practising daily yoga, gratitude, dancing, painting, sculpting and playing the piano. Carmen also goes on walks in the enchanting forest as well as in her rose crystal labyrinth and is dedicated to spreading magic to children all over the world.